Rochelle Newman

Rochelle Newman is the Founder and Formulator of New Shell, a handmade hair and scalp care products, dedicated to those with and without hair. At the age of 15 Rochelle’s hair started to fall out at the front. She was diagnosed with two scalp conditions traction alopecia and seborrheic dermatitis. After using medicated products containing steroids that were recommended by a dermatologist. Rochelle realised that they were making her lose even more hair, so she decided to stop using them and began to work on holistic approaches to health and wellness

In the early stage of her journey, Rochelle hosted natural hair seminars in her community which was funded by Starbucks then sponsored by Cantu and Palmers, before embarking on a career in the TV industry. She changed her life by researching natural remedies, working out regularly, and focusing on gut health. In 2017 she shared her story and advice on YouTube which now has over 20,000 views, this led to her studying how to make the best all-natural products. Rochelle’s mission for New Shell is to build a community of people who need outstanding hair and scalp care products, with health, wellness and education as core values. Her moisturising products work for different hair types and conditions with ingredients that are derived from plants and seeds.

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