10 Common scalp condition and hair loss triggers

10 Common scalp condition and hair loss triggers

There are many reasons why we might develop a scalp condition, or our hair could begin to fall out. Below I have created a list of these triggers with a brief explanation.

  1. Genetics - It’s in your DNA, someone in your family might have the same problem or similar. For example, on my dad’s side of the family we have a history of eczema and hair loss.
  2. Allergies - If you haven’t already please get an allergy test taken. You may have reactions to certain products, foods or anything in the environment. When I was diagnosed with a birch oral allergy my doctors said “remember there are some things you are allergic to and others things your body just doesn’t like” this has stuck with me ever since.
  3. Natural deficiencies - Scientific studies have proven that hair loss can be related to our diet. If our body isn't getting enough of the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins you will struggle to grow healthy hair. Therefore, make sure you are fueling your body with enough protein, iron, zinc, fatty acids, antioxidants and various other nutrients. 
  4. Trauma - A bad experience, illness, surgery, a breakup, passing of a loved one.
  5. Food and drinks - GUT HEALTH IS IMPORTANT! What are you putting in your body? Certain foods will trigger your condition such as eating too many foods containing yeast, alcohol, fast foods, fizzy drinks etc. Pay attention to how you are feeling.
  6. Mental health - Stress, overthinking, overworking and depression.
  7. Products - Are you using the right products? I know it’s easy to get caught up with what everyone else is using but if it doesn’t feel right after a while try something else.
  8. Styling and heat - Try not to put too much heat on your hair, wear tight styles, cover it for long periods. If you wear hats, wraps or a hijab, take it off as soon as you get home. Fresh air is good for your scalp.
  9. Excessive sweating - Make sure that you are cleansing your scalp as well as your hair when it’s wash day.
  10. Medication - You might be on specific medication that causes side effects. It's best to contact your doctor for advice if your body doesn't adjust to what had been prescribed to you. 


Love, Rochelle x

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